WinnerXP System Requirements

Windows Vista Platform

Read this before upgrading to Vista


  • CPU Types (aka processor)
    • 2.3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo – High performance
    • 1.8-2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo -- Very good performance
    • Intel Core Duo - may offer an acceptable performance.  Please check with your hardware manufacturer to determine if it meets Vista's minimum performance requirements.
  • RAM (aka system memory)
    • 2Gb is the minimum recommended memory for Vista.  This is more than adequate for WinnerXP.
  • HDD (aka hard drive)
    • With room recording – 60Gb minimum capacity
    • Without room recording – 20Gb minimum capacity
  • Audio
    • Built-in Microphone and Headphone jack or external sound board such as VXi.  This is a requirement for audio recording (AudioTrack).

Accessories, Required

  • Winner software key
  • A writer with RT cabling.
  • Serial Port Adapter

  • Required for any writer using cabling, and a new computer.
    • Bluetooth

    • Bluetooth may be substituted for RT cabling and its adapter.  Contact the appropriate vender for assistance with this.

    • Compact Flash (CF) Serial card

    • This is a brand new technology which has been released.  It appears to work as the PCMCIA Serial Cards do.  Many of the new computer systems are being installed with a CF Drive rather than the old PCMCIA (PC Card) drive.  Be aware which of the two you have in your system.

    • PCMCIA (PC Card) Serial Card

    • These are required for all older writers.  Newer writers are able to do more and thus don’t require them.  Examples of writers that require them:  Stentura 400, 500, 6000, 8000, and Smartwriters.

    • USB to Serial Adapter

    • Most newer writers are able to handle using these.  Examples of such writers are: Flash & Stylus.  It also works well for Real-Time workstation connections

Optional Accessories

  • Thumb drive

  • Also known as a flash drive, or a memory stick. These are especially useful if you switch jobs between two fairly new computers.

  • USB Floppy Drive

  • Only needed if you need to work sometimes with an old computer.  It might also be used to restore old jobs which may have originally been stored on floppies.

  • USB Mouse

  • Not everyone likes or can get used to the new touch pads. For those of you who gave up, or don’t even want to try, these are handy and come in a variety of sizes.

  • Workstation Cabling

  • For those who wish to connect to a judge or lawyer via Denoto or some like software, you're going to need a set of cables. Keep in mind however that depending on circumstances you may need adapters for both ends. USB to Serial adapters mentioned above will work appropriately.

    Note: Bluetooth may be substituted for workstation cabling and its adapter.  Contact the appropriate vender for assistance with this.


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