Vista Is Here, Vista Is Here...

As you may have heard, Microsoft has released its long awaited operating system -- Windows Vista.  By all accounts, Vista has a very nice user interface, faster data storage algorithm, and tighter security.  

According to some studies, the new Vista UI will require a better graphics card and it consumes more power.  This may shorten the battery life on some notebook computers.  This would be an important point for our clients to consider when they are using their portable computer.

We have tested our products with Windows Vista.  Please consider the following before buying a new Vista-based computer or upgrading your existing computer to Vista.


WinnerXP version 9.0.18 and later has been tested on Vista.   We have not encountered any compatibility issues using our software on a desktop computer running this version of Vista.  However, there are many brands of USB-to-serial devices, or add-on options (i.e. PCMCIA cards) that we have not tested which will most likely pose compatibility issues.  Please check with the manufacturer of your add-on products to make certain that your peripherals are Vista-ready.   Most importantly, we have not tested the use of Flash PCMCIA cards on a Vista environment.  Click here for hardware requirements for Vista.


Updated 1-1-2009: Winner VR is now available for Windows Vista. If you are upgrading to Vista from an XP platform, you may be required to upgarde to ViaVoice version 10.6. Please contact ProCAT for additional information.

We cannot certify WinnerVR to operate on Vista at this time.  While there is an ongoing effort to thoroughly test ViaVoice with Vista, we will continue to support VR on the WindowsXP platform only.  We will keep our valued clients abreast of our progress.


StylusSync has been tested on Windows Vista.  You may use StylusSync to upload/download files from/to a Stylus.  However, due to the new security features, you must adjust Vista to allow your PC to communicate freely with Stylus.  Furthermore, updated Bluetooth drivers are NOT available for Vista.  This means that you will not be able to use the wireless connection to a Vista computer at this time.  Certainly, this is not a limitation imposed by ProCAT.  It is our understanding that BlueSoleil is working on an updated driver for Vista.


Flash read programs will continue to operate within Vista as long as there is a serial port that is recognized by Vista.  It is important to note that you must purchase Vista-ready add-on boards.  We are in the process of testing PC-cards with PCMCIA slots.  We will keep you posted on our progress.

In conclusion, we strongly urge our clients to remain with the WindowsXP platform for the foreseeable future to ensure their trouble-free working environment.  We can tell you that it is an unreasonable expectation to become productive immediately after you have purchased a new Vista-based computer.  There are a lot of new features in Vista that will require time and *patience* to master.  As it has been the case with every new software, there are infant mortality issues that need to be worked out.  Vista will prove to be an awesome product over time.

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