ProCAT« is the leading provider of realtime and offline-interactive closed-captioning technology to the court reporting industry.

We led the industry in the development of the first PC-based captioning product in the late '80s and have continued to enhance our offerings since that initial release of CaptiVision«.  Today, ProCAT is the only vendor offering such a robust, 32-bit closed-captioning software.

CaptiVision offers a complete suite of features that address the needs of individual stenocaptioners, as well as larger multi-user captioning operations.  CaptiVision may be purchased as a stand-alone product or as an add-on to the Winner2000 or Winnerxp products.  CaptiVision has been entrusted with the task of captioning the most visible and time-sensitive events.

Click the Features button to view a brief overview of the superior features and functionality found in CaptiVision.  We invite you to contact our sales team for additional information and a demonstration.